Ramadan Activities Book

Discover the joy and fun in Ramadan with this activity book, where children can learn Ramadan values in an exciting and engaging way. Let’s make Ramadan brighter for our children!


Ramadan Activities Book is your comprehensive guide to the holy month of Ramadan. The book contains a detailed timetable for the Ramadan plan, helping children prepare and plan for this great month.

In addition, the book contains a variety of activities including maze games, finding differences between pictures, crossword puzzles, and coloring games. These activities are designed to be fun and educational at the same time, helping children learn and understand Ramadan values and traditions.

The book also contains Ramadan decoration templates and other Ramadan-related activities, making it the perfect choice for children during this holy month. It’s an ideal book for children to spend a fun and beneficial time in Ramadan.


  • Ramadan Tracker: Schedule of daily tasks for the month of Ramadan.
  • 3 Maze Games.
  • 4 Same & Different Games.
  • 2 Color & Count.
  • 1 Search words Puzzle.
  • 14 Coloring Pages
  • 6 Lanterns and Ramadan Decoration Templates.
  • 1 Template of “Ramadan Kareem” phrase in Arabic.

All this in a large and clear space in each page and the lines are clear and coordinated to help the child coloring and launch creativity.

Book Pages


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