Ever wonder about the history of KORKORTOON?
It all started in a beloved home in New Damietta, Egypt, back in 2016. The two founders were e-learning and multimedia specialists, and knew that they wanted to create a new way for their lovely child to learn.

So they started to use their experiences to create their own originals learning content made simple for young learners. They created educational videos, songs, drawing steps, and stories that were appropriately paced, simple, full of space for movement, easily taught, and FUN!

They started to share their content with parents and teachers around the world on their new youtube channel KORKORTOON.

The Name KORKOR comes from their child, who she called her favorite tea pot toy.

Over the years, as the community of friends, parents, and teachers using KORKORTOON with their young learners continued to grow, KORKORTOON continued to grow as well, and created other educational and fun contents like: the learning and coloring books, learning applications, activities, and more. And KORKORTOON still developing to provide a free educational adventure for kids in an atmosphere full of love, discovery, fun and entertainment.



Mohammed Abdelhamid

Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Design

Eng. Mai Abdelfatah

Co-Founder, Head of Programming and Development

Farida Mohammed

Child Model, Voice Actor