Alphabet Learning Cards

KORKORTOON ALPHABET LEARNING CARDS the perfect for introducing letters, and basic words for kids.


Design: These charming flashcards feature bold, colorful letters of the alphabet. Each card is thoughtfully crafted to engage young minds and make learning fun!

Size: The cards measure 74×105 millimeters—perfect for little hands. They’re compact enough to carry anywhere, from playrooms to car rides.

Printing: You can print these cards on any type of paper—whether it’s glossy, matte, or recycled. The vibrant colors will pop, regardless of the paper quality.

Customizable: Parents and caregivers can easily cut out each card to the desired size. Whether you prefer a standard shape or want to get creative with rounded corners, these flashcards adapt to your preferences.

For Beloved Kids and Toddlers: These flashcards are an excellent educational resource for children. They’ll learn their ABCs, associate letters with words, and explore early literacy—all while having a blast!

What’s Included?

  • Letters A to Z in both lowercase and uppercase.
  • Clear photos and simple words for easy recognition.
  • Perfect for introducing letters, basic words, and phonic sounds.

Why KORKORTOON Learning Cards Are Awesome:

  • Engaging: Beautifully illustrated to keep your kiddo’s attention.
  • Educational: Boosts letter recognition and reinforces letter sounds.
  • Versatile: Use them for playtime, bedtime, or on-the-go learning.

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Ready to dive into the ABC adventure? Download your free ALPHABET LEARNING CARDS now and watch your little ones light up with excitement! 

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