Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Let’s have fun and learn The Dinosaurs by coloring them. The book includes 12 pages, each page contains a Dinosaur illustration and name.


The content of the book is scientifically designed especially for preschool and nursery children .. It is more suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old .. It helps them to learn about Dinosaurs and their names in English Language by coloring illustrations of different dinosaurs and their names in fun and easy way ..  It also help children to improve their skills in pen holding, learning writing and blending colors and other things related to coloring and drawing .. It also helps children enrich their imagination and mind with scientific value in a simple, fun and attractive way, and encourages children to learn more and collecting knowledge.

The book includes 12 pages, each page contains a dinosaur and The Name of it  .. All this in a large and clear space in each page and the lines are clear and coordinated to help the child coloring and launch creativity.

Book Pages


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